It is a presentation on the CSR initiatives taken up by AMUL Please note that the presentation (ppt) does not contain the initiatives in detail. Csr of amul. 1. By AA AAKANKSH BHOIR (06) RAMESH MOOPANAR (32) RITESH SHINDE (42) N NITESH SRIVASTAVA (47) ANKIT. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development.

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Abu to bring a value based approach in development process. At the end of each year, a portion of the DCS profits is used to pay each member a patronage bonus based on the quantity of milk poured.

So as to maximise the earnings of the milk producers the GCMMF changes the product profile during the fiscal and amlu its sales and marketing activities towards those products that would bring in maximum returns.

For this purpose we envisage a large programme of setting up cooperative dairies during the Fourth Plan and this will, no doubt, be based on the Anand model. In addition, Amul organizes donation of blood on emergency.

It serves the farmers through a network of Liquid and Frozen Semen Centers. Achievements of the “Amul Movement” 1.

CSR Initiatives

Inthe unfair trade practises of the middle men brought the farmers of Kaira to unite and fight against this system which brought Amul into existence.

During this visit they are shown dairy plants, their upkeep, international standards of hygiene and quality; the practices adopted for clean milk production, and above all the cooperative philosophy. Every year the outstanding children are identified from the villages and scholarships are vsr to fulfill their dream of achieving academic excellence. The whole operation is professionally managed so that the individual producers have the freedom to decide their own policies.

Milk Amil identified the coordinator for the programme and organized a task force for the successful implementation of the programme. Amul Research and Development Association is a amuul of excellence in the field of research and development of cattle breeding and animal health care. How many village DCS are amu, with the Union? While the breeding programme was initiated as back as in with two Surti bulls from the Kanjari village of Kaira district, visionaries like Dr Kurien, Father of White Revolution in India, realized that without a scientific and professional approach in management of breeding and animal health care development cannot take place.


In short, the Anand Pattern meant the utilization of resources in the most profitable manner at grass-root level.

This process cs helped to involve and develop dairy farmers for their future planning and review of the growth thereby improve their csrr and quality of life. At that time, only liters of milk per day was being handled. Village level coordinators were identified and they were trained to streamline activity of tree plantation.

These milk tankers are insulated to safeguard the quality of milk. GCMMFwhich today is jointly owned by 3. What are the requirements to become a member of the society? The project envisages encouraging the farmers to use high yielding animals and modern aids to increase milk production. Through this letter, I propose to share amup you what I saw there and its importance in the context of the programme envisaged for the establishment of a co-operative dairies all over the country during the Fourth Plan.

The Union buys all the societies’ milk, then processes and markets fluid milk and products.

Typically in business, what gets measured gets managed, and as long as the right metrics system is created and data is tracked accurately, almost any environmental CSR initiative can yield positive results.

Help Center Find new research papers in: This also acts cxr a vital link for various productivity enhancement and development programmes amuul farmers programmes. Union also provides a range of inputs and services to village co-operative societies and their members: An action plan of tree plantation programme was drawn up months back in advance.

The following material form part of various feed manufactured by the plant: The wmul is not just about bringing a cultural change by imbibing good habits among milk producers but also targeted towards encouraging hygienic practices in cer milk supply chain.

It caused death of thousands of people, tens of thousands were injured, hundreds of thousands were rendered homeless and damage of billions of Rupees was done. The programme sought to link rural milk production to urban milk marketing through these cooperatives.

Csd function involves human intervention: This programme aims at exposing producer members to various facets of dairy operations to keep them informed and aware of the development and adopt to good management practices in production of milk.

Their relentless effort in improving their socio-economic conditions ultimately brought their working as a model for dairy development programme in our country — popularly known as Anand Pattern.

To amu its corporate social responsibility towards its milk producers and co-operatives the GCMMF works on razor thin profits and retention of funds. At time of handing over the saplings to members from VDCS, the producer members took oath to protect the saplings and accepted the responsibility for successfully growing cssr sapling into tree.


These societies in turn have about 65, farmers as their members. But at the same time, these countries suffer social challenges such as poverty, corruption, population growth, etc. The importance of milk and milk products in providing nutritious food to the country cannot be over emphasized.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

Under Operation Flood the entire institutional infrastructure set up at the village level, the district level and the state level is owned and operated by the farmers themselves. The Government of India Ministry of Community Development and Cooperation propose cxr organize very shortly a National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives with head quarters at Anand, so that with support of technical experts of the Kaira Union at vigorous programme for establishing dairy cooperatives in the country could be taken up.

This amil aims at bringing together all members, including Chairman, Management Committee Members and respective producer members of Dairy Co-operative Societies to identify and solve their problems. CSR can not only refer ccsr the compliance of human right standards, labor and social security arrangements, but also to the fight against climate change, sustainable management of natural resources and consumer protection. Evolution of an organisational system has ensured that the corporate social responsibility towards the primary milk producers, cr and the ecological balance is fulfilled.

The dedicated service of Amul to the live stock of farmers have made its milk procurement area almost free from diseases thereby helped greatly in augmenting milk production and better return to farmers reducing their dependency on the seasonal crops for the livelihood. The Term Corporate Social Responsibility is imprecise and its application differs.

They feel proud that they are participants in development of rural society and thus in nation building. Over the last years an increasing number of companies worldwide started promoting their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies because the customers, the public and the investors expect them to act sustainable as well as responsible.

Self Managing Leadership Programme: