Fearless takes you deep into SEAL Team SIX, straight to the heart of one of its most legendary operators. When Navy SEAL Adam Brown woke up on March. February 4, Living Fearless: Discussion Guides. September 26, Reading Jason Redman’s The Trident in the High Sierra Mountains. September Fearless by Eric Blehm is a tribute to the life and legacy of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam a young man, Adam always tried to honor his family.

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So he went to a recruitment office and said he wanted to join the Navy to, ultimately, become a Navy SEAL because anything less wouldn’t do for this guy.

fearelss Well, I only thought I knew the story. Jul 17, Laura rated it it was amazing. He was a man with a lot of blehhm demons he battled. He was flawed, sometimes frightfully so, yet with a keen sense of integrity that set him apart.

This book is not your typical SEAL story, although all of them are inspiring examples of great men that sacrifice more than we can imagine to honor the patriot blood that runs through their veins to protect this great country. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. This is a biography. First of all, a caution – There is some rough or course language at a few points.

An entire book could be written on the unbelievable physical and mental reic involved in making it to the elite team which Adam Brown achieved.

Shaping the World from the Shadows: In the life of Adam Brown, we see a man who loved everyone.

You see a man who seeks constantly to prove himself and who seemingly doesn’t let fear get in the way of making it to the top. When the Fearlwss works in your life, you can go from the guttermost, to the uttermost. Eye of the Storm: Even though I expected to be moved by the book he does die, and you know that going inI didn’t realise the journey it would take me on.


Back in the Fight. Because we are pulled into the story, the knock on the door to his wife to inform her felt like you were right there. I can say, though, that it awes me to think that American men can push themselves to such physical, mental, and emotion limits and still push on.

Thats all that comes to mind. Battling his inner demons on a last-chance road to redemption, Adam had one goal: I just wasn’t sure if I could finish it I had to put it down quite often and would sit on the couch crying.

The Hard Way Out. By knowing how the story ends, I knew it was going to be very frarless for me to read. May 22, Imprint: What I do want to commend, however, a I struggled like crazy to get through this book.

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The writing was indeed bad and I understand why some reviews call it Christian propaganda. God took a young man whose erif was in shambles and rebuilt that life, moulding Adam Brown into a man of courage and character. Jul 11, Jeff Randleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Do you read biographies?

To watch the live webcast Blehm taped with Kyle last September, go here.

Gives me even more pride and gratitude in our Military and Allied Forces It’s difficult to explain here, but what I think I’m trying to say is that the writer, mid-sentence, stops telling the story in chronological order and suddenly blhem into an external entity who’s giving his praise to Adam or the family at that given moment. I appreciated how this book shared so much about the wife’s journey as a NAVY wife, and how it was with the loss of her husbands with her kids.


Last night, in tears, I fi Book Review – Fearless by Eric Blehm Biographies have been a solid staple of my reading diet for the past few months. His relationship with family and God makes you want to revisit what you believe in life is important.

Adam Brown was the kind of person that inspires others around him to want to be better people. Even through his extensive training as a Navy SEAL and no, I do not remember all the titlesyou will find him standing out partly due to his quirky behaviors, but also because of his overcoming achievements and bravery.

Fearless by Eric Blehm | : Books

I encourage you to read Fearless for its dazzling display of God’s grace, and its compelling story of sacrifice and courage. In a deeply personal and absorbing chronicle, Fearless reveals a glimpse inside the SEAL Team SIX brotherhood, and presents an indelible portrait of a highly trained warrior whose final act of bravery led to the ultimate sacrifice. He started out as a high school athlete, lost his way and got hooked on; coke, crack, meth and almost anything else you can think of.

May 24, Daphne Manning rated glehm it was amazing Shelves: This story is worth reading. She came out crying; he came out quiet, looking around.