The GANGBUSTERS game is a role-playing game, an advanced form of “make believe.” In a typical game, two to eight players will be seated around a large. When TSR broke up, the rights to Gangbusters remained with Rick Krebs. So as always when playing a RPG everything is up to the players. Guest Writer: Jeffrey Webb. It was and the Golden Age of the Boxed Set. If you were there, it’s just how an RPG should arrive—lest it be.

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Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a board, players adopt the personalities and goals of gzngbusters police detectives, legendary F.

With Prohibition being nearly a century since its inception, many modern readers may not see what makes the s rife with opportunity for adventure. Gangbusters uses a percentile-based mechanic for most task resolutions. Go to our Sales Site. Looking around, you see a window off the fire escape. Careersthe Gangbusters name ganbbusters classes, is where things get really interesting. Gangbusters was inspired by both historical figures such as Al Capone and fictional accounts of the era.

Gangbusters: Core Rules

Leveling has several possible effects — increase in Ability Scoresincrease in skillspurchase of new skillspicking up the special benefits each career has listed in its description, and more. What about the one with “Baby Faced Finster”?

Rick Krebs’ “Bloody 20’s” Blog. I can be found here www. A role-playing game covering syndicates, police, federal agencies, criminal activities, police technology, criminal skills, weapons of all sorts, police techniques, profitability of crimes, corruption of officials, terrorists, police special units, hostage situations, laws, forensic sciences, the F.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Want to run fpg speakeasy? What is the Condor’s deadly plot?


Gangbusters (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

They gave him their presidency. Retrieved from ” https: On one hand, this keeps that sort of bookkeeping easy. Rules are here for profit and loss of various sized speaks. How about running the numbers racket in your neighborhood? The Untouchables are a great touchstone of the era—prohibition agents who r;g not be rrpg, and worked to bring down perhaps the most notorious gangster of the era. She gave him her hand in marriage. They always felt he was a Robin Hood.

Gangbusters was a historical roleplaying game designed by Rick Krebs based on his original game called “Bloody 20’s” with Mark Acres assisting in its development. For example, criminals earn experience points based on how profitable their gangbushers are, while police officers earn experience points for capturing criminals.

For a review of the mini-campaign and Lakefront City information, please see the review of GB1: Gangsters and crime syndicates keep whole cities under their control while notorious bank robbers spread terror across the country. The 3 rd Edition book was printed with the Lakefront City map attached inside gangbusteds back cover, but copies with this map intact are becoming more difficult to find.

Luck is then rolled as a percentage divided by two and rounded up.

Does the Judge require the cops, G-Men, and the like to leave the room when the gangsters are planning their bootlegging operations? Earning experience points increases a character’s level which is an indicator of social status in the game settingand allows the character’s player to improve the character’s abilities and purchase new skills.

What started as a simple job has turned into a nightmare, with a dead man in your apartment and Nicky McCallister’s goons breathing down your neck. They gave him one last shot!

This is a novel opportunity that only a few games capture, but it is potentially a very difficult proposition for the Judge. Relive the events of the era of prohibition. The horses more your speed? An emphasis is placed on the violent growth of organized crime during Prohibition.


Incongruously, Presence is rolled on a single d10 and modified, indicating that Presence will be used differently from other Abilities. Recommendations for Page layout? Okumarts Games David Okum. So far the book has given the reader mini-games for each type of PC, or at least specific rules for what each career can and cannot do. Compatible with Champions and all Hero Systems games. Compatible with Chill, Call of Cthulhuand Daredevils.

I figure with a little update to the rules it’d make a great Gangbusters Campaign. When he was a child, his teachers decided he’d make a great musician. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post.

Low rolls are modified upward, so that most scores tend to ganhbusters at least in the 40s, though scores as low as 26 are possible with poor die rolls. While I do like the way it looks its missing some life. Where do you go when the mob owns the town and you’re Then Arthur gave a cocktail party and one of the guests decided he’d make a great corpse.

I’m planning a few Pulp era sets. The rules are basically unchanged. He was at least a Hood When he had married, his father decided he’d make a great heir.

Characters are further customized by adding non-career skillssuch as Auto Theft or Photography. Want to see how much burglary nets?