•What is JOHARI WINDOW •Objectives of Study •Selection of Questionnaire • Data Collection •Statistical tools •Data analysis •Conclusions •Limitations. Johari Window Questionnaire – Self Assesment – Eng – Download as Word Doc . doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Johari Window (Questionnaire included for self analysis) – posted in General talk: The Johari Window is a communication model that can.

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Alternatively people may always want to talk to you because you are a good listener. The second factor relates to what other people know about you. Try to figure out my own shortcomings by myself so I could improve. The first factor is what you know about yourself.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Group members should strive to assist a team member in expanding their Open Area by offering constructive feedback. However, disclosing information which could damage people’s respect for you can put you in a position of weakness.

The Johari window as a tool does have its drawbacks: Explaining the Johari Window: When receiving feedback, be questiojnaire, listen and reflect on what has been said. It can also objectively help the participant to start to process some of those attributes that reside in their blind spot and can encourage discussion amongst the group without being confrontational or causing contention.

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The Johari Window (Questionnaire included for self analysis)

With the help of feedback from others you can become aware of some of your positive and negative traits as perceived by others and overcome some of the personal issues that may be inhibiting your personal or group dynamics within the team. There are also aspects about yourself that you are aware of but might not want others to know, this quadrant is quextionnaire as your hidden area. It helps people to explore the qualities that make them who they are.


Johari Window Scoring Sheet Below are two columns where you are to record the points you assigned for each response to the Johari Window Questionnaire.

In this example we are going to talk about how the Johari window works with an individual within a team. Make some notes about yourself. Using the Johari model, each person is represented by their own four-quadrant, or four-pane, window. Keep my opinion to myself rather than be seen as interfering in what is none of my business. The Self Awareness Diagnostic is a great accompaniment to the Johari window model. Don’t be rash in your self-disclosure.

Briefly explain what the other friend was talking about and suggest that we go into it later. Divide the graph into four sections by drawing straight lines from the scores.

Understanding the Johari Window model – Self Awareness

The Johari Window in a Team Context Keep in mind that established team members will have larger open areas than new team members. If a friend began to avoid me and act in an aloof and withdrawn manner, I would: If I had begun to dislike certain habits of a friend to the point that it was interfering with my enjoyment of their company, I would: This is shown in the diagram below: Tell my friend and the group leader of my misgivings and leave the final decision to them.

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Posted 26 March – Read each numbered item carefully. From a practical point of johsri in implementing the Johari window you need to look at two steps. Complete the Self Awareness Diagnostic. When feedback is given honestly to you it can reduce the size of your blind area.

Back to General talk. The Johari Window model joharj of a foursquare grid think of quetionnaire a piece of paper and dividing it into questionnajre parts by drawing one line down the middle of the paper from top to bottom, and another line through the middle of the paper from side-to-side.

For example, maybe you are not comfortable contributing ideas in large groups. Assign a point value to the A and B statements using the following scale. You might want to tell someone an aspect of your life that you had previously kept hidden. Then give the person who provided the feedback some acknowledgement or thanks for making the effort.

The total point value for A and B is five 5. Feedback is the process by which people expand this area horizontally. Change the subject and signal my friend to do the same. Leave it up to my friends to tell me or not, letting them change the subject if they wished.

Get my feelings out in the open and clear the air so that we could continue our friendship comfortably and enjoyably.