1984 XL350R PDF

Anyone out there know much about the older XLR bikes? If you mean XLR I had a model and it was a great bike before it. In , Cycle World called Honda’s XLR the best dual-purpose bike of the year, noting that riding most dualies ‘is a lot like going shopping. The Web’s most trusted source for Honda XLR Parts. Use our comprehensive OEM schematic diagrams to find the exact parts you need to get the job.

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Honda XL350R

Also shop in Also shop in. The dual carbs aren’t a problem if you get them tuned correctly and then leave them alone. Sep 19, Oddometer: The lights don’t unplug, but the front signals are on the bars, out of the way, and the rear signal lights are on flexible stalks, which at least minimizes the risk.

The has an automatic compression limiter, a fifth valve linked to the kick start and opening a chamber, in effect doubling the space into which the mixture is compressed and thus reducing compression by half.

The system can feel strange.

There’s no way the XL can be caught off the. The caps covering the threaded tips of the rockers are accessible, no special tools needed except for a feeler gauge, but the tank must come off for the intakes. My original plans for this bike was to harvest parts for my The XL isn’t the motorcycle to use if you want John Martin to shake in his shoes when he sees your name on the en-duro’s entry list.


The passenger meanwhile won’t last 10 miles. The compound carbs pay off with power, exactly as much as you want, when and where you want it.

1984 Honda XLR350 Opinions???

Begin the kick at the top of the lever’s travel, push down firmly—it’s easy enough to allow the kicker’s other foot to be on the ground, no leaping needed and the engine will spin through.

These were extremely popular because they bridged the gap between the underpoweredand the heavy then Mar 25, Oddometer: Skidding 198, May 13, High Plains DrifterMay 13, The buying public didn’t care, so Suzuki went tothen reverted to the and thejust like everybody else.

Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: Corky1May 14, So is the shock and its preload collars. Mar 14, Oddometer: The dealer makes out better on the XR? I am very pleased with the bike.

Tank is rust free. Instead, there’s a lifter linked to the kick start that opens one exhaust valve during part of the compression stroke.

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Honda XLR | eBay

Good dirt bikes, which the XL is, must have lots of wheel travel. They must have more ground clearance than wheel travel. I had an XRR, and all of these issues appeared on my bike. The clutch is sure if sudden. Or, sit with the lever full on until the engine’s fins are too hot to be touched. However, for about the same cost you should be 1948 to find a plated XRR which is a much better bike.

I have not used this harness bike was apart when i got it.

Stopping distances are short, control is fine. No, but I wanna be.

Perforce, the rider sits in the middle. This page was last updated: I would stay away from it anyway I know its a major issue I just can’t recall what it is. Partzilla zl350r an OEM powersports dealer running a highly sophisticated warehouse and call center.

You will find a 5 digit