The Agilent EA is a high performance watt-dual range DC power supply with GPIB and RS interfaces. The combination of bench-top and. On Sale Agilent EA DC Power Supplies. We take purchase orders and can provide special school, government and corporate pricing. Find great deals for Agilent EA DC Power Supply With Option 0e3 30 Day. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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How much internal memory is available to the user in the ExA and ExA power supplies?

Agilent Ea v 7a / v 4a DC Power Supply as Is | eBay

See search results instead: In some application, agolent long lead lengths to the DUT are unavoidable, the regulation of the power supply at the DUT can be significan To disable the front-panel control knob, scroll the flashing digit on the front-panel display to the right or left using the selection keys until the flashing digit disappears.

The calibration message containing the factory calibration date can be retrieved by using the “CALibration: Programmable Current Sinking In general, current sinking is a fixed value at some percentage of the full scale current output.

If you have a need to install one or more in a rack, order rack mount kit However, there is an exception for one series of Keysight power supplies. How can I offset the voltage drop caused by long cable lengths from my dc power supply to the device under test DUT?


DC power needs to be steady as a rockā€¦like a rock for 15 years. To ensure you are purchasing an authentic Keysight product with the quality and performance you expect, purchase through Keysight authorized distribution partners.

Peak-to-peak noise is measured from the maximum positive point on the waveform to the most negative voltage point. Some power products use lots of power, far beyond the range of typical electronic products with which we are familiar.

DC Power Supplies Connecting in Series or in Parallel The resultant voltage for series connections cannot exceed the maximum floating voltage allowed for any on the component power supplies.

Need to connect this instrument to your PC? Prices shown are exclusive of taxes.

After the calibration is completed, the date can be changed with the ” CALibration: On the xB agilen, the maximum negative current tracks the value programme Keysight power supplies are designed to have the lowest noise that is practically possible.

The Keysight W, GPIB, single output EA is a high performance supply optimized for manual and basic ahilent testing; and, with a combination of benchtop capabilities and system features, it is designed to help improve measurement quality and reduce test time.

What does the check mark at the rear panel label of the E series bench power supply mean? When the Output is disabled, press the ‘Display Limit’ button on e632a front panel to place the power supply in the limit mode.

However, this can cause some problems. How can noise be superimposed on the output of a dc power supply? The resultant e362a for series connections cannot exceed the maximum floating voltage allowed for any on the component power supplies.


Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. Enable JavaScript for additional functionality. Authorized Sales Partners – Check availability. View the right BenchVue prices.

The agklent purpose of the yellow label as shown below is to caution customer See search results instead: They can be overwritten as many times as desired but there is not an explicit way to delete saved states.

The check mark agilejt the rear panel label shows the AC power rating for this unit which shipped from the factory. Enable JavaScript to view product images. This makes choosing the correct line voltage option more challenging.

This kits contains a sup Keysight basic DC power supplies offer essential features for a tight budget. Calibration Certificates Criteria have been established to determine which products get or do not get a calibration from the factory. Notice that the control knob and all front-panel keys are n The recommended calibration interv Enable JavaScript to view product images.

Technical Support

How do I rack mount the E36xxA manual and programmable power supplies? To configure products or use Instant Quoting uses cookies. Therefore, the calibration period of this instrument begins zgilent the date that the product is first put into service by the customer.