PDF | On Jan 1, , Pieter Lemmens and others published Saint Paul. The Foundation of Universalism by Alain Badiou; Ray Brassier. Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism: Alain Badiou, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, pp. $ Show all authors. Christopher Morse1. DOWNLOAD. In this bold and provocative work, French philosopher Alain Badiou proposes a startling reinterpretation of St. Paul. For Badiou, Paul is neither the.

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Difficult to read if you’re not familiar with the writings of Paul. By “statist” I mean that which enumerates, names, and controls the parts of a situation. It’s a Paul that would be completely unfamiliar to the church that raised me.

Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism

Some of the most exciting bits of the book are when Badiou shows how Paul anticipates Nietzsche’s own ideas. The radical “for all” bxdiou the remnant?

As a Badiouist and a comparative religions major, it tickles me in all the right places. This is a suggesting piece of universalusm intellectual history.

In this sense, Jesus is neither a master nor an example. Feb 09, Chris Schaeffer rated it really liked it. Much of Badiou’s life has been shaped by his dedication to the consequences of the May revolt in Paris. I just re-read-skimmed this, and was pleasantly surprised.

Alain Badiou’s St. Paul

That is, Paul advocates a mystical universalism that rejects obscurantist discourse by exceeding it and Although Badiou is, I think, correct in asserting that Paul extends his universalist discourse so far as to prevent it from being confined to and monopolized by mystical obscurantist discourse, he misses the fact that Paul is himself mystic on the basis of his own transformative conversion experience who founds universalism out of a mystical event that exceeds all previous mystical discourses.


Rather, it exists aside from these two orders.

This universalism is not an attempt to place any particular ideal above any other. It is impossible that the starting point be the Whole, but just as impossible that it be an exception to the Whole.

Love is the word Badiou uses to signify the opening of universalist revolutionary practice. Like Paul, it packs a real punch. The invocation of Paul by Badiou shows just how revolutionary this kind of thinking can be. He continues to teach a popular seminar at the Coll Alain Badiou, Ph.

It is neither structural, nor axiomatic, nor legal. Paperbackpages. To be militant is to be universalist is to be a lover; it is to address oneself to all singularities in-differently. It is a thing that happens which has meaning. How do we escape this bind?

Lists with This Book. I decided to order this uinversalism, as I have also never read Badiou, so I could check the box of having read one of his books and thus kill two birds with one stone. This very specific and forceful declaration is an act of appropriation par excellence.


Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism – Alain Badiou – Google Books

Paul’s antiphilosophical progression – a militant universalism to A quick read. Foundayion autonomy, for Badiou, is nothing but automatism; founration is nothing but the static repetition of the same image which cannot fully embrace the radicality of the event. Hardt, Michael and Antonio Negri. Built on the Thematic Theme Framework. There are numerous monographs and debates available showing that there is far more evidence in favour of the bodily resurrection of Christ than the non-resurrection or a merely spiritual resurrection.

‘Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism’ by Alain Badiou – TheoryLeaks

So, a few representative bits from this thinker we might call Alain Paul Badiou: It is a philosophically irreducible principle, like the sign, or the Platonic form. In-difference would not only mark a rejection of difference, but would also include a construction of being and the event focused around and inside of difference-in-itself. To pronounce t he Good News, one must force a different thinking, a thinking of indifference that could react radically to the law of automatism.