An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course. He is the author of Das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), which “The row of 18 “Armanen runes”, also known as the “Armanen futharkh” came. Meanings of the Armanen runes – including name, image, sound, casting meaning and what the rune stands for.

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I intend to simply shine a fair light on the Armanen runes’ value as a magickal runic system for modern times, though still rooted in ancient traditions. To many, I’m an “insufferable little cunt”. One should look at all angles and from all possible roots, regardless of any particular area of study, without bias, prejudice, personal preference or preconceived ideas before one undertakes the task of study and practice upon themselves.

Yet Runes should not be touched before one even understands what the goal is: Most current interpretations of the “Elder” runes are based on the “Younger” and Aemanen poems late Christian writings and also the literal, reductionist way that modern Christian or Secularist academics think about ancient symbols – they IMAGINE that ancient Germanic peoples would have thought the same way, but they are likely dead wrong.

If we ever do meet, even at a far distance through such means as we use now, then know that I too have walked this path, through the darkness, and may the primal Galdr of the Armanen of past ages guide you as you seek their wisdom in me: Hail not positive Casting meaning: Cyrus runees Strong February 10, at 5: Having done away with religions and fairy tales at the early age of 13, I simply never wanted to get into any of that stuff again, no matter what the tradition.

Usually they see their Runes armznen symbols that stand for some worldly and spiritual meanings. Would love to work with you in enlightenment and gnosis, runds what Serrano says initiation comes from the Self, not a action by others to form some rite? Siegfried Adolf Kummer, ‘Heilige Runenmacht, So it’s not surprising that it didn’t sit well with you.

Central European University Press. It certainly is obvious that List was onto something when he had his “revelations”, perhaps without ever fully realizing just how powerful his system can be. This rune can be taken as the same idea as the Hindu concept of karma. The second mother rune of this set, Man was used in Armanen tradition to represent birth.


Real Rune Magick: The Armanen Runes in Historical Context

The runes – indeed all of Heathenry – are not contingent on a savior bailing an ungrateful mankind arrmanen from its own ignorance. These names are modern reconstructions based on modern linguists’ theories about the extinct Proto-Germanic language, and while they may be close to the names used in ancient times, it’s unlikely that modern academic runologists can reconstruct, without any esoteric input, the exact meanings for them which were recognized in the time when aranen were carved into stone.

The 12 rune is the rune of armann “harvest” of knowledge, or harvest of the fall warriors. Modern interpreters see this as a female rune, the night, death and instinct.

After the war and for many years even still today in Germany to some degree runic mysticism has been steeped in extreme controversy because of the appropriation of ancient symbology by the National-Socialists. And if the runic send-off has only a short, temporary effect, and runnes think it may have been destroyed somewhere in Europe, send another one. Now we come to the fundamental nuts-and-bolts of modern Armanen Rune -casting. Mercer[15] Adolf SchleipferLarry E.

And in the case of the “Elder” Futhark, there isn’t even Rune-poem to preserve any “attested” meanings for it. Hmm, if they only know. Thank you for that. If you do, just be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

Then several excellent scholars began to search for Runic alphabets that may have predated the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes historically and they were developing a armajen of Rune magic from at leat one of them. The difference is that Sig is the power of the sun whereas Ar is the power that the light of the sun contains.

One of its advantages is this young age, having been developed in a world very similar to our own modern, urbanized, technological world.

See Karlsson’s publication ‘Uthark: Translated into the English language with an excellent introduction by Stephen E. A spirituality needs to work for a people, a folk, based on their circumstances and Zeitgeist. There was an earlier runic revivalist before List and this first generation of esoteric runic revivalism was undertaken by the Swedish scholar and mystic Johannes Bureus – although he did not utilise the Armanen Futhark.

Are you addressing me, or Wotans Krieger? What they cannot do is bring you in touch with the deeper sides of Runic wisdom, and even less with the creative realms of the universe.


Armanen runes

Consequently, once you know the esoteric structure of a symbolism and the meaning of one of its symbols, you are naturally capable to precisely establish the meanings of all arnanen symbols. Thank you for this Included is a hard copy of the Rune Reading Course.

List was indeed a pioneer and a visionary. After all, it is just my take on the subject. N M February 11, at 8: As long as it’s not a commercial-use project, it’s not a problem to use the images. Like with the spell Egil found on the whale bone, but in a positive way instead.

Armanen runes Introduction

You can also make a radial Bind-Rune using Hagal one of whose protective meanings is health and wholeness; ‘Heilung’, ‘Heilsam’, etc. Viking Queen November zrmanen, at 3: Also the free article “Heathen Magic” by Steve Anthonijsz is a good source on background of Runic practices, and you can also look up Siegfried Kummer’s “Runen-Magie” though unfortunately Flowers is the only translator of it in English – same with the other authors in his “Rune-Might” book, though the contents of that book are actually pretty good First, they carry a number that defines their position within the symbolism as a whole.

I did not tie the Runes onto the “Procrustes bed” of cabbalistic thinking nor did I force the Runes into the often abused mold of “definitions”. The only certain answer to all these questions is that we do not know the answers.

In fact, the simplicity runea the Runic approach to magic and the fact that Runes were not as easily to control by some people as were the cabbalistic energies made me aware that there was a dimension to this ancient system that traditional magicians have overlooked – or of which they could not have been aware at all, even if some of their practices sometimes included a few elements of this dimension, a dimension that reaches far beyond and at the same time deeper than the language-based structures runs the Cabbala.

Hamingja September 14, at Camp, who was very interested in the subject matter and interested in starting the organization anew.

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