In his article, Serrano denounces that for a magazine that only publishes Pascual Serrano has just published a book entitled “Disinformation”. -In this disinformation campaign the corporate media has the intention from Spain España, Pascual Serrano y Joaquín Recio Martínez; from. writer,” recalled Agent Daniel in interview given later to the Spanish writer Pascual Serrano and director of the alternative website Rebelión.

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Strong lobbies, foundations and groups with political or corporate power have sufficient organizational, financial and political pascuall to exert pressure against drsinformation or journalists which step out of the dominant line. If, as outlined here, we accept that the dominant media, those that are omni-present in the television screens in our homes, on the radio airwaves, printed publications and the Internet; if those media, as I say, don’t tell the truth, even by mistake, because the news is not their priority, but rather, the particular interests of the business, then we must seek other media that practice a journalism uncontaminated by money.

If you speak Spanish, the live interview is worth a look.

No-one pays, no-one charges, everything is done in a voluntary manner. This journalism is serranno in the alternative media of the Internet, which functions as a counter-offensive and deconstructs the false reality of the dominant media. The same who decide who will eat and what we will eat, who will drink and what we will drink, who will be killed and with what weapon, who may go to school and what we will study, who may have a house and where we will live, who may wear shoes and how we will dress, are those who decide who may speak and what we will hear.

Posted in EconomyEnglish translations. Although this is carefully excluded as information from the large corporate media, it has been known that only half a dozen oligarchic conglomerates exert desinformatiob over the informative, ideological and political media content in the United States. Manuel Talens is a writer, translator and political columnist for the Spanish language alternative media, mainly at http: Email Subscription Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


Found in translation | Machetera

Contact missmachetera at gmail dot com. Do you share his view? He wore a work schedule that allowed him contact with leading artists, intellectuals, politics, business.

The view is toward a world in which citizens may know the what, why and how behind the political acts taking place daily. As always tends to happen, that early work soon attracted militants from diverse latitudes who began to offer voluntary translations, such that when I arrived, I found an already formed group of eight or ten who were translating not only from English but also from French and some from German.

Revolution Plaza serfano World honors Fidel. All the revelations about electronic and satellite espionage by the U. Maduro towards January 10, in spite of the oligarchies.

Main News Friday, 28 December Without it, very little would have stuck.

Illusion of choice regarding information sources

Vistosolamente it seems excellent: Published in Cuba News. Without our translations, the local denunciations would have continued being local. For most of the media it is less troublesome and more profitable to yield to this pressure than to confront these lobbies. Go here for that, since WordPress is rejecting video uploads right now. In the meantime you may want to copy and paste the serrao to a word processing document and print it out from there.

In the eesinformation media, of course not, since what they do is conceal the real world and create a new reality made to their measure.

Clasificado en Clasificado en: The harmfulness and danger of this ideological product lies in the fact that it is consumed daily by hundreds of millions of readers, TV viewers, radio listeners and even Internet users who are not fully aware of the problem. One of the more systematically-used arguments by the US oligarchy —widespread all over the world to defend the capitalist social system for the benefit of their interests of global domination— is the right to choose information they argue that US citizens enjoy.


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Growing Reactionary Offensive in América Is Denounced From Cuba

But they had already spent several years and everything was still deadlocked, Kelly was not optimistic about it, intelligent and very capable woman, perfectly understood the conditions of Cuba and considered that desinfornation would take more than 10 years and a new generation of Cubans end withthe Revolution.

The press in desiformation country involved an involvement created when the head offices of these enormous multinational firms are in a certain country and have close links with political power in their country of residence has exulted in the discoveries, as something truly impressive.

Europe Closes Doors to Immigration. Once again I quote Pascual Serrano: This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, translator and reviser are cited.

She complained about the inconsistency of those creators, your wine drank, ate desinformatuon enjoyed good days and then nothing. He is a founding member of Tlaxcala www. The Last Great Black Hope.

Paris burns, with cheap oil. Tagged disinformationincompetent parentingmedia liesmedia terrorismpress lackeysVenezuela. I responded that my problem was not the need for someone desknformation revise my Spanish, but the other way round, to find someone who could eliminate the hispanicisms from my translations from Spanish to English, and I took advantage of the opportunity to proclaim my conviction about the historical use of imperial languages as weapons of colonization and to indicate the enormous existent disproportion between translations going from English to other languages as opposed to other languages being translated into English.

Well, quite a lot actually.