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Divine Embrace

No eBook available Amazon. His words are kisses; his kisses words. And I tell you, you are Petros and on this rock I will build my ekklesia, and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.

He is the executive authority of the majesty of God. The garments an actor would wear define his part in the play but cannot define him. What shall I say? The same God who bade light shine out of darkness has kindled a light in our hearts, whose shining is to make known his glory as he has revealed it in the features of Jesus Christ.

He is the true light that enlightens every man! Death is not doomsday; nothing can interrupt what he has done! Francoiis is what the Gospel addresses with utmost clarity in the person of Jesus Christ.


Our calendar acknowledges the fact that years ago human history was divided into a before and after Christ. Peter saw what Paul preached from Hos 6: Faith has nothing to do with our ability to concentrate on God for at least five uninterrupted minutes; faith is my glorious awakening to the fact that my Maker is mindful of me! Shawna Drawdy is currently reading it Mar 06, The word, 2katoptrizomenoi, is the present middle participle from katoptrizomai, meaning to gaze into a reflection, to mirror oneself.

In the light of the good news there can no longer remain an ‘us tiit them’! Only 5 grace can communicate truth in such complete context!

Ask of me the nations and I will give you the ends of the earth as your inheritance! Emmanuel is introduced to a hostile humanity as the lover of their lives. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Jesus is God’s mind made up about the human race! This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The word, 1anakekalumeno, is a perfect passive participle from anakalupto; ana, a preposition denoting upward, to return again, and kalupto, to uncover, unveil. The Messiah has come once and for all as Messiah. God has placed this message within us.

Divine Embrace By (author) Francois Du Toit | Christianity | Pinterest | Books, eBooks and Author

I am now The heavens declare his glory, night to night exhibits the giant solar testimony that is mathematically precise See also James, the younger brother of Jesus who did not believe in Jesus until after the resurrection.


To respond to the wooing of his love is as instinctive as falling head-over-heels in love! In Christ all are declared innocent; diviine they do not know it until the Gospel reveals it.

This act of reconciliation is the mandate of our ministry. God loves you as an individual; you matter to him! Now distance is replaced with oneness. Now francoiis his appearance in us, his body, his mission is to unveil the consequence of redemption through the Holy Spirit.

We take no credit for finding it there! The law of perfect liberty is the image and likeness of God revealed in Christ, now redeemed in man as in a mirror. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this. Intimate romance is ours now and for all eternity!