Based on Dovlatov’s experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia , this is an acidly comic picture of ludicrous bureaucratic ineptitude, which. Buy a cheap copy of The Compromise book by Sergei Dovlatov. Based on Dovlatov’s experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia, this is an . The Compromise by Sergei Dovlatov – book cover, description, publication history.

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Jan 15, Manuel Alfonseca rated it it was ok.

Throughout, in fact, the comedy is uneven, with oddly cpmpromise perhaps untranslatable puns, local references, belabored ironies. Dovlatov’s brief page novel is a smackdown of journalism and public honesty, generally speaking in the Soviet Union.

In any case, it wouldn’t be fair or balanced rhe end this post without a little something for those who’d rather see the full half of the glass. A sharp style, funny explanations to his own journalistic briefs, and an acerbic critic of bureaucratic incompetence under communism, but dovkatov exactly in my taste.

Based on Dovlatov’s experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia, this is an acidly comic picture of ludicrous bureaucratic ineptitude, which obviously still continues. Bookshelf Complex, Part A Not quite ready for its close-up Solzhenitsyn’s books laid bare the horror of the Gulagand were banned in the Soviet Union; he won the Nobel Prize for literature in Can’t bear to watch 5’26” of Fox News?

The Compromise – Sergeĭ Dovlatov – Google Books

Obama seeks halt to tax subsidies for oil industry 16 Mar I’m sort of dissident! Consider this, then, from NPR’s new ethics handbook: It’s a perfectly astringent mood-setter for tue campaign-saturated months that all but demand the bitterest, darkest irony.


Aive Kaldra rated it it was ok Sep 14, Anonymous July 25, at Labels Berkeley 71 biology 20 books climate 20 culture 98 e-books 24 education 14 energy 21 food 27 Google 20 health care 10 higher ed 18 information 16 music 10 politics print-on-demand 2 Project Bamboo compromies publishing 31 reading 67 rumination 49 self-publishing 14 SF Writer’s Conference 14 tech how-to 4 technology 69 technology and literature 27 travelogue 30 weather 8 writing Want to Read saving….

Reading ideas from Russian classic and contemporary fiction.

The Compromise by Sergei Dovlatov

If the balance of evidence in a matter of controversy weighs heavily on one side, we acknowledge it in our reports. Fire copromise hike trio’ 18 Mar In each of the eleven chapters here, then, rather dissolute narrator-hero Dovlatov begins with a clipping from his file of newspaper writingsfollowed by the real story–what led up to, or resulted from, the published version.

Panova’s Seryozha Voinovich’s Fur Hat. Alexandra Avram rated it it was ok Oct 15, Gardening for apartment-dwellers Sharrows and stripes: But most of these anecdotes have sharply amusing moments–and the Estonia details about politics, the media, Jews are often fresh and curious, even if somewhat dated.

Jevgenij rated it it was ok Oct rhe, Please note, too, that I do not offer personal advice or custom book searches please check sites like Amazon, WorldCat, or Goodreads for books, including the existence of translationsand I do not have a favorite author! In he began to work as a journalist, first in Leningrad and then in Tallinn, Estonia.


The Compromise

This one is one of my most favorite books. He makes frequent use of vodka and humor during his travels. He lived in New York until his death in He dropped out of the University of Leningrad tue two years and was drafted into the army, serving as a guard in high-security prison camps. Read just a few chapters.


About Steve Steve Masover I write fiction, take an activist interest in politics and culture, and work in information technology at UC Berkeley. My name has been mentioned on the German radio!

After a period of intense harassment by the authorities, he emigrated to the United States in Yesterday I got drunk! They had an uprising there”” ; he is shown the possible political message in a harmless fable for children; he searches for an ideologically acceptable baby to write about in a silly feature can’t be Jewish, can’t be half-Ethiopian –just as his friend Dovkatov must find an untainted “”interesting person”” for her new radio-interview program.

Thank your for your reply, Lisa. Mahmoud Magdy rated it it was ok Apr 16,