ejabberd is the de facto XMPP server in the world. The fact that it is used to power the largest deployments in the world should not intimidate you. ejabberd is. This web site is dedicated to help you use and develop for ejabberd XMPP ejabberd has been in development since and is used all over the world to. Clustering relies on Erlang features and Mnesia shared schemas. Before getting started, it is best to get familiar with the Erlang environment as this guide will.

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The command line parameters: The ejabberdctl script can be configured in the file ejabberdctl.

List of ejabberd Commands ejabberd includes a few ejabberd Commands by default as listed below. You can configure some of them with the file ejabberdctl.

ejabberd Clustering

Throttles a connection using shapers from shaper. The default installation setup consists of a single ejabberd node using Mnesia, so it does not require any additional configuration.

A function gets associated ejabbetd a local hook as follows the type of a hook doesn’t matter: This system is configured using environment variables and command line parameters. Ejabbberd using -snamespecify either this option or -kernel inetrc filepath.

The Erlang node will be identified using only the first part of the host name, i.

Step-by-step Databases Configuration Guides | ejabberd Docs

This is needed because all nodes exchange information about connected users, S2S connections, ejabbefd services, etc…. The exact format is:. When ejabberdctl is executed without any parameter, it displays the available options. Reopen the log files after they were renamed. The drawback is that the created process’ message queue can be overloaded if it doesn’t process incoming IQs fast enough, which, in the worst case may crash emulator due to OOM out-of-memory. It searches for what user resource packet must be sent via presence table.


To guied this the following function can be used:. Before you get started Before you start implementing clustering, there are a few things you need to take into account: It guied encourages innovation and experimentation by supporting most, if not all, extensions produced by the XSF. The purpose of ejabberd clustering is to be ejabnerd to use several servers for a single or small group of large domains, for fault-tolerance and scalability.

That script is supposed to do theses actions, in an infinite loop: There are two common types of internal representation of JIDs: Other known frontends that can be installed to execute ejabbetd commands in different ways are: Before starting, setup some variables: Messaging applications require to transfer more than text messages. This is the preferable option in most cases. If you’re hacking ejabberd for internal needs, you are free to choose whatever coding style you like.

Note that you do not necessarily need clustering if you want to run two large domains independently. As Mnesia is caching part of its data in ejabberd memory actually in Erlang VM nodethis kind of setup make your system more scalable and typically easier to integrate with your usual database.


The external authentication script follows the erlang port ejbberd API. All clients directly connected to the stopped node are disconnected, and should reconnect to other nodes.

Register an account in that ghide with the given password. Those commands can be defined in any Erlang module and executed using any valid frontend. There are two common types of internal representation of JIDs:. The function is executed when a module is being started.

Managing an ejabberd server

Where N is a maximum number of log messages per second. Note that the function doesn’t fail if some of sub-elements are invalid. In every case you can easily integrate ejabberd with your existing application using:. This module is the main router of XMPP packets on each node.

The frontends can be configured to restrict access to certain commands using the AccessCommands. Note that the sub-element is still in xmlel format. If there isn’t an ejabberd server running, the available parameters are: Initial mistakes in the solution design are harder to fix once the project is in production.

Namespace is a “top-level” namespace: