HBP 2009-14 PDF

Subject: Amendment in Para of HBP v.1, In exercise of powers conferred under Para of the Foreign Trade Policy, , the Director General. Subject: Amendment of HBP Vol I (RE )/ In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph of the Foreign Trade Policy. Para of the Hand Book of Procedure Volume 1 (HBP v1) permits Policy Circulars earlier issued in terms of Para of HBP are also.

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Amendment in paras 2. Corrigendum to Public Notice number 52 dated However, the EO of a particular block of year may be set off by the excess exports made in the preceding block year.

Regularization of Bonafide Default In case, EPCG authorization holder fails to fulfil prescribed export obligation, he shall pay Customs Duty along with applicable interest as prescribed by Customs authority. Applications that remain outstanding beyond a period of 90 days shall be reported to DGFT alongwith reasons thereof, immediately thereafter.

Handbook of Procedure Vol. Amendments in Paragraph 4.

The Dollar Business Bureau – Apr 25, Applicability of provisions of para 4. Maintenance of Annual Average Export Obligation. Amendment in paragraph 2.

Amendment in the Para 9. Modifications in the Handbook of Procedures, Vol. Implementation of the Track and Trace System for export of pharmaceuticals and drug consignments alongwith maintaining the parent-child relationship in the levels of packaging and their movement in supply chain – extension of date implementation regarding.


Amendment in Paras 2. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback. Amendment in Para 8. I Appendices and Aayaat Niryat Forms. Amendments in Handbook of Procedures Amendment in Para 9. Amendment in Para 5. I, – claim of TED by recipient of goods. Similarly, if EPCG authorization holder has utilized authorization less than the value earmarked in authorization, his export obligation shall stand reduced on pro-rata basis with reference to actual utilization of authorization.

Amendment in paragraph 3. In such cases, no composition fee is to be paid or additional EO is to be imposed as prescribed in the Para above. Revalidation of authorization issued under Hp scheme shall not be allowed.

I updated as on 5th Bhp. Corrections in Public 2009-144 No. Bhp Export Import Data Search. Amendments in Handbook of Procedure, Vol. Amendment in Appendix 2 of the Handbook of Procedure Vol. Karaikal Union territory of Puducherry. Corrigendum to Public Notice No. I,regarding Transfer of Imported Firearms.

Latest DGFT Public Notices.

Amendment in the provision of Clubbing Para 4. In case the firm is still not able to complete the export obligation, duty already deposited will be deducted from total duty plus interest to be paid for EO default.

Inclusion of Paragraph 2. Amendments in Chapter-4 of Hand Book of Proceduresrelated 200914 nominated agencies. In all cases where CVD portion is considered for grant of duty credit scrip, RA shall endorse the Bill of Entry ies to this effect, mentioning that CVD Portion shall not be Cenvatable and send a communication to the same jurisdictional Central Excise Authority informing the details along with relevant list of Bill of Entry ies.


DGFT Public Notice No. 63/ | Amendment in Appendix 37A of HBP vol I 14

At the end of Para 2. Enlistment of agencies authorized to issue Certificate of Origin — Non-Preferential. Corrigendum to Public Notice.

Clubbing of two or more EPCG authorizations issued w. Value Addition under Advance Authorization Scheme for the authorization issued prior to Deferment in the date of effect for implementation of bar-coding on export consignment of pharmaceuticals and drugs for tracing and tracking purpose.

In such cases EPCG authorization shall not specify list of jbp but shall indicate: Modification in the description of Import Item No. Procedure for export of Sona Masuri, Ponni Samba and matta rice.

Amendment in 20091-4 4. Handbook of Procedure Vol. Corrigendum to Public Notice. Amendment in Provisions of Para 5.

Deletion of Para 2. Amendment in para 2. E in the Handbook of Procedures V.

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