Subscribe · Contact us; Quick links The Ikhwan al-Safa’ (Brethren of Purity) were the anonymous adepts of a tenth-century and assimilation of their monumental encyclopaedia, the Rasa’il Ikhwan al-Safa’ (Epistles of the Brethren of Purity). Rasa’il-e-Ikhwan-us Safa (Epistles of Brethren of Purity) have been considered an encyclopaedic work of 3rd or 4th century of Islam. This work consists of The name Ikhwan al‑Safa was assumed by a group of libres penseum who cultivated .. The Ikhwan al‑Safa supplied us with data which enable us to construct.

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Comparison may also be made with a person who is a blacksmith, carpenter, and builder or who can read, write, and teach: On this they agree with the Eleatic Parmenides and his disciple Zeno; 78 but they disagree with them fully on the question of motion.

Ikhwan us-Safa | – Heritage F.I.E.L.D.

The earth stands in the centre of the world; then come seven concentric spheres in which revolve the planets: These laws are dictated by the wise men of every people for the benefit of their respective nations.

Weight, they say, is nothing but the mutual attraction and mutual repulsion in the face of resistance. Aristotle was in favour of homocentrieity; Claudius Ptolemy d. Among us too there are philosophers, sages, geometers, astronomers, naturalists, physicians, diviners, soothsayers, casters of spells and enchantments, interpreters of dreams, alchemists, astrologers, and many other sorts, too many to mention.

Euclid, Nicomachus and sometimes even Archimedes for mathematical tenets Epistles 1, 2 and 6 ; Ptolemy supports astronomy and geography Epistles 3 and 4 ; the Pythagoreans and again Nicomachus are the sources for musical theory Epistles 5 and 6.


Ikhwân al-Safâ’

Dialectics increases damaging opposition among the learned. The solid parts of its interior are also of different densities. Yet Central in their Influence: It is very important that the relatives of a leading personality should follow his doctrines and adopt his views, otherwise his friends would lose their enthusiasm for him. We can decompose the number unit by unit till we reach the first. The magician operates according to their will and their desire, their magic is an expression of will.

Because the first matter was passive, having no proper energy; it could not emanate by itself. There are builders, landowners, the su and wealthy, gentlefolk and possessors of all many virtues. Hijab, ; Tamir,89— Epistle 1 deals with arithmetic, Epistle 2 with geometry, Epistle 3 with astronomy and Epistle 5 with music.

The theme was already addressed in Epistle 29 wisdom is recognizable in death in that it allows the vision of God, hence the highest sorrow is damnation. Hinrich, Soon a tortoise and gazelle also join the company of animals.

Recent studies on aspects of this work by Baffioni b, These four causes should act together, otherwise the intended thing would not come into existence, and they should hold on, so that the produced thing might persist.

Sensation falls in turn in two categories: Innate characters, or virtues, are specialized aptitudes assigned to different organs. Even animals are subject to the effect of music.

Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, pp. Further, they espoused the view of the Ionians, and Thales d.


But as the epistle notes, the greatest power results from conforming to the nature, that is to say the will of the celestial spirit and doing ritual at an astrologically appropriate time.

Epistle 31, III,8—10 and8— They were aware of this accusation and tried to defend themselves against it. Short Description of the Work The Encyclopedia is divided into fifty-two epistles rasa’il of varying lengths, which make up four books.

Ikhwanus Safa: A Rational and Liberal Approach to Islam by Asghar Ali Engineer – the Ismaili Web

Children are apt to use an analogy characteristic of them. And in spite of the fact that the data stored in the brain fade gradually, and that some of them are sometimes totally forgotten, they do not annul one another. There is sometimes in the long Surahs a slight difference in the numbering of verses resulting from the division of a few long verses. The body is only the workshop of the soul, a temporary house, a shell, a mount necessary for a journey.

Inthe Sunni orthodoxy in the person of the caliph al-Mustanjid judged the work heretical and sent the existing versions to be burnt. The blending of scientific and religious issues is evident from the beginning.

Character and behaviour are teachable.