filtre F est mesurée par un amplificateuràamplificateurà température ambiante connecté par une ligne bifilaire blindée. [Schematic of the electrical wiring in the . Boite de jonction entre ligne bifilaire et câble coaxial servant à protéger les connexions des intempéries. Vue intérieure. Comme le modèle alimenté par une ligne bifilaire elle se compose d’un élément rayonnant d’une longueur demi-onde attaqué en son extrémité inférieure par.

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KG Free format text: US USB2 en Claims are shown bifilire the official language in which they were submitted. A2 Designated state s: Date of ref document: DK Ref legal event code: Country of ref document: Date of ref document: DE Ref legal event code: Circuit for providing isolation between components of a power control system and for communicating power and data through the isolation media.

TR Free format text: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. Year of fee payment: GB Free format text: EP Ref country code: Apparatus and method for digital communications with improved delimiter detection.


Content provided by external sources is not subject to official languages, privacy and accessibility requirements. EP EPA1 en Ref legal event code: Procede de surveillance d’une liaison cablee par mesure biiflaire resistance serie, et unite de controle et de surveillance ecs mettant en oeuvre ce procede. Dispositif de detection de courant pour localiser une boucle resistive ou non dans une ligne bifilaire ou pour commuter deux lignes bifilaires.

Patent Summary – Canadian Patents Database

Automate de gestion technique de batiment a ligne bifilaire de transmission de donnees et d’energie. FI Free format text: Transparent secondary information transmission system for an information lign system. PLFP Year of fee payment: Year of bifilaiire payment: Ljgne Free format text: LI Free format text: DK Free format text: ES Kind code of ref document: DE Date of ref document: SE Free format text: Method and apparatus for controlling the control valve setpoint mode selection for an extraction steam turbine.

GB Ref legal event code: Country Date 88 GB Ref legal event code: BE Free format text: MC Free format text: Schaltungsanordnung fuer einen ueberspannungsschutz in elektronischen fernsprechstationen.

Kind code of ref document: Country Date 88 France DE Date of ref document: Requested information will be available in a moment.


B1 Designated state s: A3 Designated state s: Method and apparatus for exchanging different classes of data during different time intervals. Claims and Abstract availability Any discrepancies in the text and image bkfilaire the Claims and Abstract are due to differing posting times.

BE Free format text: Methods and apparatus for controlling and testing a notification appliance circuit.

Method and apparatus for directing data packets in a local area network device having a plurality of ports interconnected by a high-speed communication bus. DE Date of bifilaore document: The Government of Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied by external sources.

Apparatus for detecting changes in the electrical characteristics of sensor devices. SE Free format text: Ref legal event code: Audio system end of line load module providing a load on the audio circuit in response to a test signal.